Autism Spectrum Disorder


Co -facilitated by the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) and the IDEA Partnership, this is the newest CoP.  Together, the members of this CoP have met before the OCALI and Autism Society conferences and created the ASD Collection available on the IDEA Partnership site.  Many state TA projects, long affiliated through the Autism Society, are also joined in this CoP. Each year, he CoP reaches out to attendees at national meetings to invite local participation. Several states within this national CoP are organizing statewide CoPs modeled on this effort.

In April 2011 and in April 2013, the Partnership and this CoP worked collaboratively to have a collective impact by disseminating the Collections during Autism Awareness Month.

Shared Work is a social networking virtual workspace developed by the IDEA Partnership and community members to facilitate their collaborative work.

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