Response to Intervention Dialogue Guides: Extension

Source Document:
A Family Guide to Response to Intervention. Available at: Developed by Parent Information Center with funding from New Hampshire Department of Education’s SIG II Grant
Dialogue Starter:
Family Guide to RTI


Source Document:
Research Brief: A Road Map for Mathematics Achievement for All Students: Findings from the national mathematics panel.
Brown, Carolyn. (March, 2009). Available at
Full Report:
Foundations for Success: The Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel (2008). Washington, DC. U.S.: Department of Education.
Dialogue Starter: A Road Map for Mathematics Achievement for All Students: Findings from the National Mathematics Panel


Source Document:
Interventions For Adolescent Struggling Readers: A Meta-Analysis with Implications for Practice
.  (2007). Scammacca,N., et al.
Description available on Center for Instruction website:
Updated version:
Original document is available on the RTI Center Website:
Dialogue Starter: Interventions for Adolescent Struggling Readers: A Meta-analysis with Implications for Practice


Source Document:
Leading Learning Communities: Standards for what principals should know and be able to do
. Second Edition. National Association of Elementary School Principals. 2008. pp 49&50. Available at:
Leading Learning Communities; Standards for what principals should know and be able to do
Dialogue Starter: Develop a Learning Culture that is Adaptive, Collaborative, Innovative and Supportive

Source Document:
Meeting the Needs of Significantly Struggling Learners in High School: A Look at Approaches to Tiered Intervention. Duffy, Helen. National High School Center at American Institutes for Research, Washington, D.C. Available at
Dialogue Starter: RTI at the High School Level

Source Document:
Response to Intervention in Secondary Schools: Is It on Your Radar Screen?
Ehren, Barbara. RTI Action Network.  Available at




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Recognition and Response: Pathways to Success for Young Children, Introduction to R & R: Supporting Evidence. National Center for Learning Disabilities. Available at


Source Document:
Response-to-Instruction and Universal Design for Learning: How Might They Intersect in the General Education Classroom? Nicole Strangman, Chuck Hitchcock, Tracey Hall, Grace Meo, and Peggy Coyne. Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) & The Access Center. 2008. [Excerpted from pp 6-10]
Available at:
Dialogue Starter: Response To Intervention and Universal Design for Learning


Source Document:
What is RTI? RTI Action Network. [Excerpted from RTI Action Network website, section ‘Learn About RTI’]
Available at:
Adapted Text: What Is RTI?
Dialogue Starter: RTI:  A Process


Extension Dialogue Sources on RTI

Dialogue Guides are models for conducting interactive discussions across stakeholders. Each Guide contains one topical document that all who come to the table access in order to start with the same knowledge base; and a set of reaction and application questions for a facilitator to support the assembled group to build areas of agreement and develop action-plan(s).

To gain a better understanding of the facilitator’s roles and responsibilities in conducting dialogue, we invite you to read and download the Dialogue Guide Facilitator Handbook.