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DG: ASD Collection

Source Document:  Helping Students with Autism: Tips for Educators. (2009). American Federation of Teachers and Easter Seals.  (Abstracted from “Working with Families” pp. 7-11).  Available at

Dialogue Starter: Education: Helping Students with Autism: Tips for Educators – Working with Families


Source Document: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Primer for Parents and Educators. Ruble, Lisa, & Gallagher, Trish. University of Louisville Health Sciences Center. National Association of School Psychologists. (2004). Available at

Source Document: Assessing Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guidelines for Parents and Educators. Aspy, Ruth, & Grossman, Barry G. (2007). Third Edition. Autism Advocate. pp. 11-14.  Available at
Dialogue Starter: Education: Assessing Autism Spectrum Disorders

Source Document: The CAPS and Ziggurat Models. Myles, Brenda Smith, Henry, Shawn, Coffin, Amy Bixler, & Aspy, Ruth.  Autism Advocate. Third Edition. (2007). pp16-20. Available at
Dialogue Starter: The CAPS and Ziggurat Models


Source Document: Positive Behavioral Supports: Creating Meaningful Life Options for People with ASD. Carr, Edward G., & Pratt, Cathy L. Fourth Edition. (2007). Autism Advocate.  pp. 36-43.  Available at

Dialogue Starter: Education: Positive Behavioral Supports


Source Document: The Future of Applied Behavior Analysis in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Carr, Edward G., Granpeeshen, Doreen, & Grossman, Lee.  Autism Advocate. Fourth Edition. (2008). pages 50-55. Available at
Dialogue Starter: The Future of Applied Behavior Analysis in ASD

Source Document: Life Journey Through Autism: A Parent's Guide to Assessment. (2008). Organization for Autism Research (OAR); Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC); DAYNA International, Inc.  Available at:

Excerpted from pages 3-6 of Resource Document.

Excerpted from pages 18-20 of Resource Document.


Source Document: Functional Behavior Assessment: Preliminary Strategies. Pages 1-9.

Available at:

Topic Brief: Functional Behavior Assessment

Dialogue Starter: Functional Behavior Assessment


Source Document: Looking Beyond Behavior: Schoolwide Discipline and Individual Supports for Students with ASD. Kathy Gould and Cathy Pratt. Autism Advocate Third Edition. 2007. pages 26-29; Available at

Topic Brief: Looking Beyond Behavior

Dialogue Starter: Schoolwide Social Emotional Learning


Dialogue Guides are models for conducting interactive discussions across stakeholders. Each Guide contains one topical document that all who come to the table  access in order to start with the same knowledge base; and a set of reaction and application questions for a facilitator to support the assembled group to build areas of agreement and develop action-plan(s). 

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