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Secondary transition is simple in concept: prepare youth for life after high school.  In reality, secondary transition is complex and challenging to execute with multiple agencies and organizations, family members, and communities involved.  The Topics database section on Secondary Transition provides the techinical details of this IDEA 2004 requirement.

The following dialogue starters were written by members of the National Community of Practice on Secondary Transition in May 2009.  This section contains material and source topic briefs to help you talk with others about secondary transition.

Source document:

It’s More Than Just the Law: People Make It Happen
This document was produced by the Transition Coalition at the University of Kansas, Department of Special Education. The document was updated in August of 2009.

Dialogue Starters:


Roles of Community Members

Roles of Peers and Friends

Roles of Advocates

Roles of School Support Staff

Roles of Administrators

Roles of Postsecondary Personnel

Roles of Community Service Providers

Roles of Family Members

Roles of Students

Roles of Education Personnel