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Dialogue Guides

Resource: Technical Problems vs. Adaptive Challenges. Eric Svaren. Groupsmith. Adapted from Ronald A. Heifetz & Donald L. Laurie, "The World of Leadership," Harvard Business Review. January-February 1997; and Ronald A. Heifetz & Marty Lindsky, Leadership on the Line, Harvard Business School Press, 2002
Available at: %20vs%20%20adaptive%20challenges.pdf
Dialogue Starter: Technical and Adaptive Challenges in Schools

Resource: Dealing with the Human Side of Change. Russ Linden. 2006. Governing. Available at:
Dialogue Starter: Dealing with the Human Side of Change


Dialogue Guides are models for conducting interactive discussions across stakeholders. Each Guide contains one topical document that all who come to the table  access in order to start with the same knowledge base; and a set of reaction and application questions for a facilitator to support the assembled group to build areas of agreement and develop action-plan(s). Dialogue Facilitator's Handbook