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Collaboration With Groups

The IDEA Partnership pursues work across groups to promote collaboration in two main ways:
  • working with partner organizations around their shared interests and issues;
  • and, working with national issue centers to engage the partner organizations.

Partnership Work with National Organizations

The IDEA Partnership recognizes the goals of each of its 55 partner organizations and encourages organizations to coalesce around common interests and issues that they care about.  Together, we build community through nurturing relationships and shared work.

American Occupational Therapy Association

Through our work on transition, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) developed a local pilot with the Arizona (AZ) Community of Practice to reconceptualize the role of the occupational therapist (OT) in Transition. The pilot changed the state work and influenced AOTA to reconnect with transition as a key role for practitioners.  Eastern Kentucky University worked with AOTA and the AZ pilot to understand the need for training in transition related practice. They sought and received a grant to develop the program.

National Association for the Education of African American Children with Learning Disabilites (AACLD)

On February 26, 2013, Michael Graham was named a Champion of Change by the Obama Administration in a ceremony at the White House. Michael is a longstanding IDEA Partnership member and represents the National Association for the Education of African American Children with Learning Disabilities (AACLD).
In his comments during a distinguished panel of nominees, Michael expressed his words to live by "Your passion positions you for your purpose."  Michael has taken every opportunity to engage and learn for himself, his family and the community he represents in the IDEA Partnership.  In his comments, Michael credited the  Partners in Policymaking Project and the IDEA Partnership for his personal and professional growth. He expressed confidence in AACLD to be the catalyst to support African American families who have children with special needs to engage and contribute actively to improving futures.

Partnership Work with National Technical Assistance Centers

Federal investment in projects and centers that conduct research, technical assistance and dissemination are vital to the work of The IDEA Partnership. We collaborate primarily with issue centers funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).